Rugged, less traveled North Coast Trail on Vancouver Island

Rugged, less traveled North Coast Trail on Vancouver Island

North Coast Trail: 7 day Mindfullness Backpack Journey

Like all powerful journeys, the North Coast Trail (In Vancouver island's Cape Scott Provincial Park) is an incredible place of transition as solid ground becomes ocean. Feel the impact on your internal landscape as you are moved by this place. Allow yourself to be present, away physically and mentally from the tug of distractions we are used to living in.

You lead this journey as you gain skills under care-filled counsel. Guide yourself and others, manage hazards, navigate, route find, use tide charts, cook, select and maintain a functional camp, have appropriate interactions with wildlife, and carry a well-packed backpack in challenging terrain. It is only by doing a thing ourselves that we reap the full benefit of the experience. Read North Coast Trail Blog:


  • Connect with yourself, the other group members, and the natural environment.
  • Gain independence and confidence by mastering technical, personal, and interpersonal skills.
  • Discover your gifts within a team and work with others to solve the seemingly insurmountable.
  • Learn to reap the rewards of taking calculated risks, physically and socially.


  1. Organization and logistics
  2. Transportation to and from the trail from Port Hardy by van and water taxi
  3. Park use fees
  4. Group equipment including tents, cooking supplies, and safety communication devices
  5. High quality (primarily) organic food and instruction on cooking.
  6. Skilled instruction in movement skills, coastal specific knowledge, navigation, decision making, campcraft, and logistics
  7. Individual and group facilitation designed to meet your specific needs
  8. Structured time for reflection
  9. Daily debriefs
  10. Tools managing your life, and finding greater peace

Cost: $2000 per person

Dates for 2018:

August 19-25

Must be 19 or older.

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