FAST Program

The Father and Adult Son Together Program (FAST) is a unique and innovative experience specifically designed for fostering and nurturing the adult relationship between two men through the vehicle of engaging and accessible adventure. It is based on the idea that life goes by FAST and it is important to build great relationships today.

The father and son relationship can be a challenging one because there are many changes and pressures that happen in the lives of men. The purpose of FAST is to have intentional experiences (easy adventures) on land and water that will build new memories, highlight and support personal and relationship growth, and strengthen the father and son bond for the future.

The art of loving is to continually notice qualities in another that we have never seen before. The FAST program is designed to help us see one of the most important people in our lives anew and through fresh eyes and actions, facilitate better connection.

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I would want my legacy to be that I was a great son, father and friend.
— Dante Hall
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 Photo: Pelig Levi

Photo: Pelig Levi

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Camping option September 1-6 2019

Lodge based option September - 15-20, 2019


Jordie Allen-Newman: Has been involved in providing therapeutic nature-based counselling for children, youth and families for over 15 years. He is deeply passionate about the natural world and how human-nature relationships influence our collective and individual well-being. He thoroughly enjoys offering presentations and workshops on cultivating health through contact with nature and has been contributing to the emerging field of Eco-Therapy through his work as a clinical counsellor serving youth and families in the Greater Victoria area. He completed a Masters degree in Child and Youth Care at the University of Victoria and is registered with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors. Dave is a Level 2 Sea Kayak Guide with the Seakayak guide's alliance.

Ken Wylie:

Ken is an internationally certified mountain guide and a member of the International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations, and the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides. He has lead experiences and guided in Canada, New Zealand, Peru, Ecuador, Alaska and the Contiguous U.S.A.

Ken has 30 years of experience as a mountain guide and experiential educator for organizations including Yamnuska Mountain School, Outward Bound Canada, and Outward Bound USA. He has also instructed at the University of Calgary and as a faculty member at Mount Royal College (University) and Thompson Rivers University in Outdoor Education and Adventure Tourism.

Ken founded Mountains for Growth in 2013 to help individuals and groups gain personal insight and wisdom through outdoor adventures.


Quadra Island, British Columbia

Specific Program Outcomes:

At the end of the program participants will:

  • Have strengthened their relationship with their family member

  • Be able to articulate a clear and positive vision for their own father-son relationship based on shared values.

  • Be able to articulate the unique strengths and opportunities of their relationship

  • Have a clear sense of the patterns that interfere with their desired relationship and how to stay on a positive track

  • Understand the inevitability and opportunity of life challenges and how they can be approached, surpassed and transformed.

  • Build a practice of positive relation.

  • Embody an awareness and acceptance of the unique gifts in each other.

  • Build great memories on the landscape and with each other.


Lodge Based: $2650 Per individual, includes transport (to and from Campbell River), meals, accommodation, technical equipment, outdoor guiding, and group facilitation.

Camping: $1900.00 Per individual, includes transport (to and from Campbell River), meals, tents and sites, technical equipment, outdoor guiding, and group facilitation.


Please contact Ken Wylie at for more information.

Discovery Island Lodge

The experience takes place at Discovery Island Lodge on Quadra Island a short ferry ride and drive from Campbell River, B.C. In this beautiful and comfortable lodge we will have communal meals before and after our days outside. The positioning of the lodge allows us to participate in gentle mountain adventures (hiking and easy rock climbing), and paddling sea kayaks on the Salish Sea. The multiple environments support the programs aim of having fun adventures that allow us to make memories and develop new perspectives.

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 Jeff Bosdet

Jeff Bosdet