Mountains For Growth programs are for people who get more from their adventure events and turn them into valuable life experience.  M.F.G. will give you the tools to help find your best self.

Learn to:

Nurture your best self

Gain a deeper sense of purpose for your life and your adventures

Improve your relationship with yourself, others and the natural world

Photo: Jeffrey Bosdet

Photo: Jeffrey Bosdet

Ken's Mission Statement

  • Live life as the incredible journey that it is.

  • Recognize and honour the large and small.

  • Make deep connections with myself, others, the natural world and with the great mystery.

  • Grow, and expand.

  • Recognize abundance.


Ken Wylie is an adventurer who is profoundly different from the boy who entered into his mountain life thirty-five years ago. In 2003, he faced a deep and tragic consequence that should have stopped him in his tracks. Instead, Ken spent a decade running away from his experiences and the lessons that await him. It was not until the writing of his first book, Buried, that he was able to truly stop and face that one thing that terrified him the most – himself.  

Now, Ken uses this experience to support others who are seeking to learn, grow and heal from their own life experience. He engages his clients in wild spaces, joining with nature as an active conduit and metaphor for spiritual growth and reflection.

Our ability to connect to inner wisdom and wholeness is critical to today’s society; in fact, our survival as a species may depend on it. Ken Wylie’s speaking, writing and reflective programs enter into this unique and important space. His work harnesses the inner wisdom of his clients and supports their own personal development so they can connect more deeply with themselves, others and their environment.

After all, human evolution requires that we more consciously and actively attend to the development of the human spirit. It is time to make a practice of answering the question, “What am I meant to learn here?”