Photo: Andrew Woodford

Photo: Andrew Woodford


The VIAE (Vancouver Island Adventure Educators) assembly started around the kitchen table with a desire to build and preserve the educative capacity of adventure here on Vancouver Island. It was identified that there exists a powerful group of people here that understand deeply the power of adventure that can be transformed into meaningful experience. Our first meeting was on Maurelle Island in September of 2015 hosted by Rob and Laurie Wood. Fourteen of us gathered to share our experiences and discuss adventure, it was here where we established a VIAE manifesto. The philosophy of the gathering is to have some compelling speakers and presentations but to have time to have conversation and exchange. The weekend will have only two speakers, but ample time with others, and in nature to allow what needs to happen emerge.


Nurturing Connection through Adventure


Friday Evening:

7 Pm Assembly Welcome and Social.

Stories from the field. (Bring your most compelling event or story and how it has shaped you as a person and professional) Also plan on standing up for a few minutes to speak to what you do with your work. This will underpin future collaboration and professional community building.


8:30 Breakfast

10:00 Rob Wood "At home in Nature"

12 noon Lunch

1:00 Dr Ted Cormode: Ticks and the treatment of Lyme Disease.

2:00 Knowledge Harvest. Making wise choices for our future based on our Manifesto. Are we living the dream? Being a great advocate. Come prepared to share your perceptions of our our world of adventure.

6:00 Dinner

7:00 Evening Social


8:30 Breakfast

10:00 First Nations Speaker William White (First Nations Connection to the land.)

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Framed Adventure of your choosing. Pick a few pals and go on an adventure for three hours.

4:00 Adventure Reflections

5:00 Wrap up.


Strathcona Park Lodge:

Use the SPL website to find your way to the lodge.

Accommodation and Food

$150 shared hostel room and meals.
$250 private hostel room and meals.

For reservations call 250-286-3122. Tell the front desk clerk that you are with the Vancouver Island Adventure Educators group.

Hostel accommodation includes a pillow and fitted sheet on the mattress. Please bring your own sleeping bag and towel.

Assembly Fee:

There is a $20 dollar fee that serves to honour presenters and pay them for their time and efforts.


1) Rob Wood

The compelling story of one family’s life among the rugged landscapes of British Columbia's Coast Mountains, converting youthful ideals, raw land and a passion for the outdoors into a practical off-grid homestead.

Rob Wood grew up in a village on the edge of the Yorkshire Moors, where he eventually developed a preoccupation with rock climbing. After studying architecture for five years at the Architectural Association School in London, England, he made his way to Montreal and ended up in Calgary. During his time in Calgary, Rob became a pioneer of ice climbing and posted numerous first ascents in the Rockies during the early 1970's.

Eventually, life in corporate Alberta proved unfulfilling and Rob realized that he needed to find a place where he could reconnect with nature, which brought him to the remote reaches of Canada’s West Coast. Settling on Maurelle Island, he and his wife built an off-the-grid homestead and focussed on alternative communities and developing a small house-design practice specializing in organic and wholesome building techniques.

At Home in Nature is a gentle and philosophical memoir that focuses on living a life deeply rooted in the natural world, where citizens are connected to the planet and individuals work together to help, enhance and make the world a better — and sustainable — place.

2) William WHite