The Tracks I Leave


As a guide I often struggle with bringing people into pristine places because our very presence has an impact. However, this conjures the importance of how one travels in these spaces. In our lives of "over consumption" I see how we can turn wild places into another mechanism for filling human emptiness. Great lessons come from nature, and in them are the code for the survival of our planet. It is important to remember to leave benind notions of controling the experience and allow oneself to be shaped. To belong to the land.

Recently events in my work and home life have underlined these ideas for me. To submit, learn and be at peace with what is, rather than imposing my will over things is where wisdom resides. The universe has a plan, and beauty arises when I trust and follow. Submitting to life leaves less of a wake or negative impact not only on my surroundings, but on myself.

I have subscribed to the philosophy in my life that I leave things better than I found them in whatever I do. Taking a broad look at my life one may judge this to be untrue. I have made mistakes and plenty of them. But the story is a continuing one and what I do with my mistakes is what counts. There are people whom I have engaged with and affected in my life that may believe that I have not left them better off.  I have no control over other people's judgements, and never will. I only know my own heart and its intention. It is the guide I trust. I will continue to lead my life through listening to the ethereal and taking action from the place that few trust, but could do well to learn.