What does beauty mean? The physical beauty of a person, the human expression of music, art, a deeply connecting conversation or discovering the magic in a single breath. By trying to define beauty I am clobbered by the fact that it is all around.

It is in the lines and function of this computer, and my hands that magically type these words. It resonates in the song that plays in the background, the grass that grows, the snow flake that lands on a black jacket and in the living breathing Mother Earth. 

Some would say that the world is an ugly place. Perhaps to them it is, life's struggles have a way of hiding elegance and grace, which begs the question, how can the ability to see beauty be nurtured? The answer: stop and look for it and it will show up everywhere. A simple shift of perception, like changing the station on a radio.

I have traversed many dark places in my life. Darkness makes a perfect background to highlight magic detail.

"I promise, if you keep searching for everything beautiful in this world, you will eventually become it" Tyler Kent White