Kira was a participant on a Haskane School of Business Leadership course that took place in backpacking in the Rockies this past September. When she returned from the course she wrote, composed, sang and recorded the following song. Scroll below for song and lyrics. Her music captures the power of nature, challenge and stillness to transform and shape us into being who we really meant to be in the world.

Still Minds: Lyrics

Written and composed by Kira Lagadin

Walked far

Sat still

Climbed mountains, real and metaphorical

Grew close

Stood tall

Sparked fires raging through the hearts of all


Well I’d love to be a leader if you’d follow me

And I know you will

‘Cause all the battles I can see laying in front of me

Can be fought from the side of a hill

Where our minds are still


I’m afraid

But aren’t we all

And if we listen close, like puzzle pieces we will fall

It’s a rock

Dropped in the sea

And we’re all ripples that will shake the world just wait and see



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