Listening Leader

Leadership At Purcell Lodge

The word 'listen' contains the same letters as the word 'silent'.”

Alfred Brendel

Great leaders listen.

They first listen to themselves to know what their own inner guidance system is telling them. They listen to others wholeheartedly so that they can broaden their field of view and illuminate blind spots. Finally, powerful leaders listen to their environment to explore a match between human perception and physical reality. Listening to self, others and the environment in symphony is how great action is taken.

We often think that by going faster we will find solutions to the challenges we face, but our high speed, superficial ricochet produces little of value. Like a stone skipping across a pond, it is only when the leader slows down enough that they sink into a deeper and richer form of knowing and understanding.

The mountains offer a dojo for this work; throughout history, those seeking wisdom have gone to the mountains to access that which has the potential to guide themselves and others. At its foundation, The Listening Leader program holds the triadic relationship between listening to self, others and the environment as a model for dynamic and sustainable leadership development. This philosophy, along with Purcell Mountain Lodge’s powerful mountain landscape supports the expansion each participant's level of awareness through both challenge-based activities and stillness-supported reflection. Participants in this program will be challenged to navigate both internal and external landscapes as a way of exploring and embracing how a balance of stillness and action can amplify one's presence and effectiveness as a leader.


In this program you will learn to:

  • Listen more deeply to self, others and the environment

  • Access a higher level of presence and awareness through mindfulness and reflection practices

  • Engage more authentically and transparently when working with others

  • Nurture truth in yourself and about your situation

  • Connect more strongly to an internal guidance system and use this to navigate uncertainty

  • Develop greater resiliency in the face of challenge and the unknown


Who is this program for?

  • Professionals who are yearning for a deeper and more holistic approach to leading in this increasingly complex world

  • Those seeking to lead through transition in a sustainable way

  • Professionals who want to be more authentic, courageous and conscious in how they approach their leadership role


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