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Adventure Literacy Workshops

Photos: Pelig Levi

Photos: Pelig Levi

What is Adventure Literacy and why is it important?

Many of us have a great deal of fun on our adventure experiences, but we are still looking for deeper sense of connection. There is a lot going on in the adventure context that has instructive wisdom encouraging us to grow from the infinite source of nature. If you seek a deeper sense of knowing and understanding and would like to know how to use the adventures you are living to do this, then this workshop is for you. Gain valuable insights to become the best version of you.




In this workshop you will develop and discover. . .

  • a deeper understanding of the value of Adventure

  • the purpose of fear and how to manage it

  • a deeper understanding about your gifts and personal challenges

  • better communication skills

  • tools that will allow you to turn events into profound experience

  • better risk management strategies

  • a depth of knowing about yourself

  • resiliency that will allow you to be strong in today's ever present world.

  • A personal mythology that can help you navigate life.

One Day Workshop Dates:

February 17
April 7


Centre For Adventure Literacy

555 Voutrait Road

Mill Bay, BC


$125.00 (4 or more persons)

$175 (2-3 persons)

Includes: Lunch, workshop space and a day of facilitation and instruction.